Doomed killer a glutton as well

The 45-year-old killer has requested a final meal that weighs in at a whopping 5,000 calories.
“There wasn’t anything hard or suspenseful about this one other than the fact that you have an innocent victim,” retired Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent Jerry Scott told the Dalton Daily Citizen.


Tenant denies role in slaying of Canuck in Belize

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Ledford is being executed for the 1992 murder of his neighbour, Dr. Harry Johnston, 73, during a botched heist. The doctor’s head had been nearly severed from his body.

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Man who killed parents with crossbow sentenced to life

A belly-busting bad guy is taking a final bite out of the buffet.


Death row inmate pushes for firing squad because lethal injection ‘will cause him unconstitutional suffering’

Death by design
is set to be put to death May 16, by injection of the barbiturate pentobarbital. J.W. Ledford Jr. (Georgia Department of Corrections via AP)

Court was told that he was often whipped, battered and berated by his abusive father. His sisters and cousins reportedly began feeding the boy booze when he was seven to watch him get drunk.

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He didn’t have to kill him.” “From what I know, if the kid had needed something or wanted something, Dr. Johnston would have given it to him.


“There are a great percentage of murder cases where the victim does something that precipitates their death in one way or another. In this one, you have a guy being home and at his place and did nothing to precipitate his death.
— who is slated to die by lethal injection Tuesday — might as well add gluttony to his list of crimes. “Boy” Ledford Jr. Georgia death row inmate J.W.

Courts have been asked to spare his life because he’s intellectually impaired, battled substance abuse and had a rough childhood. The killer was just 20 when he murdered the beloved doctor he had known his whole life.

Lawyers for the hungry homicidal maniac have argued that he should be executed by firing squad because lethal injection will cause “unconstitutional suffering.”
Ledford has ordered: Filet mignon wrapped in bacon with pepper jack cheese; a blooming onion; large french fries; fried pork chops; 10 chicken tenders with sauce; pecan pie with vanilla ice cream; sherbet and a large Sprite.

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Ledford has been known throughout his life as “Boy” because he was the only male in a family of six girls.