Belize double slay suspect out on bail

His young wife was not allowed to bring him a change of clothes or toothpaste, Bradley added. He was moved from jail to jail — apparently with the necessary permission.

Canadian slain in Belize ‘very good friend,’ detained Ontario man says
Meanwhile, cops appear stalled in the murder probe saying they’ve discounted robbery as a motive.

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The Canadian man described by cops as a person of interest in the grisly double slaying of Francesca Matus and her American boyfriend in Belize was released on bail Friday.

Belize cops have wrong guy: friend
Slain Canadian received threats, Belize police say

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Francesca Matus.

Bradley said the FBI has interviewed his client — a Barrie native — extensively and he cooperated, even providing a blood sample.

Sources have told the Toronto Sun the Central American nation is notoriously corrupt and that dodgy land dealings are not unheard of.

His bail conditions include surrendering his Canadian passport, checking in with cops once a week and staying in Belize.

Deshaies, who was granted bail after more than a week in jail, has denied any involvement in the double murder and the “bogus” theft.
John Deshaies, 54, who lived on the lower level of Matus’ seaside villa, was taken into custody after the 52-year-old Keswick woman and her beau — Drew Thomas DeVoursney, 36 — were found strangled to death and dumped in a sugarcane field almost three weeks ago.

Belize’s wild-west real-estate market behind murders?
One source believes a business transaction gone awry is likely behind the murders, but who the prime target was remains a mystery.
But the contractor’s lawyer believe Deshaies’ rights may have been violated.

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Canadian found slain in Belize remembered as ‘free spirit’

“There was no objection to him applying for bail on a matter of a theft which let me say this for the record; he was merely on behalf of the owner of those things, keeping a watchful eye to see that they were secured,” his lawyer, Richard Bradley said. “(The theft) will be cleared up and nothing will come out of that matter.”

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