Dominatrix rakes in $320K walking all over male clients

An English woman claims to have made more than $300,000 by, ahem, walking all over her male clients.

“But I have to say, with my kinky career, there’s never a dull day in the office.” It’s certainly not your typical 9-to-5,” she said. “Not everyone will approve of my job.

As a dominatrix, Mactans said she rakes in an average of $5,000 a month and has made $320,000 in career earnings. The job, she said, does not involve having sex with the clients.

Business, as they say, has been booming ever since. Mactans, who has a degree in sports and exercise science, dabbled in kink as a teenager and became a full-time dominatrix six years ago.

OK, this is going to sound nuts.

It sounded bizarre, but who was I to judge?” “Another wanted me to belittle him. “I received an email from one man wanting me to smother him with my toes,” the saucy redhead said.

Her favourite piece of work is called, quite literally, “ball busting” and involves kicking a male client in the nether region.
“Being a dominatrix can be very rewarding. “When I discovered men were willing to pay to be whipped and yelled at, I’d found my dream career,” she told the UK Sun. A few clients have told me how I helped their marriages.

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“They had a need and desire to live out their fantasies, fetishes or kinks, but they couldn’t with their partners.”

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Using the nom du pain of Domina Araneae, Mactans has been humiliating men since 2011, when she was just 19. Dominatrix Ari Mactans of Farnham, a small town southwest of London, says she racks up a whopping $225 an hour to humiliate, whip and even stomp on the genitals of men who get off on being tortured.