Man allegedly pays train of prostitutes to strip on neighbour’s porch

Cops say Goldsberry watched the nudity-laced show from his kitchen window while he masturbated.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, 45-year-old Douglas Goldsberry allegedly paid women to bare their bosoms at a neighbouring home in order to satisfy his own sexual desires.

Goldsberry was charged with felony pandering and is in jail on US$100,000 bail.

Goldsberry’s neighbours – a couple in their 30s with two young sons – were perplexed when prostitutes would show up to their home, disrobe and bared their breasts while their pimps gawked into the windows.


The incidents happened at least 75 times over a three-year period. The Omaha World-Herald reported the couple believes the incidents started in May 2013, one month before they moved into the home.

After an investigation, cops arrested Goldsberry this past Wednesday. Goldsberry lived across the street from the home with the kinky front porch.

Douglas Goldsberry. (Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Photo)


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“Goldsberry said there were occasions when he would take digital photographs of the girls and save them to a memory card,” a court document stated.

An Elkhorn, Nebraska man has been arrested for allegedly paying prostitutes to strip on his neighbour’s front porch.

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