Senior drowns on 89th birthday after car crashes into hydrant

— Dave Goldschlag (@bncxlr) May 10, 2017

A Florida senior drowned on his 89th birthday after the vehicle he was driving crashed into a fire hydrant, authorities say.

Channing Taylor, commanding officer of Florida Highway Patrol’s Brevard County office, said it’s the first case he’s heard of where someone hits a fire hydrants and drowns. Lt.

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According to NBC News, Robert Dreyer drove his vehicle off course, straight into a hydrant in Veira, Fla., about 64 kilometres south of Orlando. A man hits a fire hydrant, steps out of his car and drowns. That story @WESH 5PM. One of the strangest accidents I ever seen.

However when Dreyer exited the vehicle to survey the damage “the water pressure was so strong that it sucked him in and pulled him into the hole,” said eyewitness Pedro Rodriguez. An eyewitness told NBC News the 89-year-old man didn’t appear to be injured after the crash.

Witness Edward Cunningham said he tried to rescue the man but the water pressure was too strong and was “pushing him out of the hole.”


#Florida man crashed into a fire hydrant and drowns after water from the hydrant pulled him into a hole

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— NBC 6 South Florida (@nbc6) May 11, 2017