Man engaged in sex act at McDonald’s was ‘lovin’ it’


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The 30-year-old Maryland man was busted for having oral sex with a woman in the middle of a McDonald’s outlet’s dining room.

Jablecki has a colourful past beyond his McDonald’s machinations.

Conrad Jablecki (FACEBOOK)
But when a worker took exception to the hormone-charged hijinks, Jablecki and his still unidentified paramour left the restaurant. The worker called cops but the man was not charged until Monday.

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He has several prior arrests for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct and was given 60 days in jail for exposing himself to a woman and her daughter on a beach.

On Facebook, he describes himself as a landscaper with “style.”

Conrad Jablecki must have reckoned he deserved a break that day.

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And according to the Smoking Gun, he was lovin’ it.


In the middle of the day.