Belize’s wild-west real-estate market behind murders?

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Slain Canadian received threats, Belize police say

Richardson told the Journal-Constitution that he and Deshaies got into a physical altercation at Scotty’s.
The insider believes Matus may have been collateral damage and that the target was either Deshaies or DeVoursney.

Matus, 52, and Drew DeVoursney, 36, vanished two weeks ago after a night of partying at local watering hole, Scotty’s Bar & Grill in Corozal.

Tenant of Canadian slain in Belize being held by cops: Report

The Sun source and Lazarraga both said that Deshaies was terrified of Richardson.

One neighbour, Don Richardson, who is well known in Corozal and who allegedly cracked a beer bottle over Deshaies’ head at Scotty’s Bar & Grill in March, claims he heard the two Canadians arguing about money.

And then there is the violence.

Richardson said he had fired Deshaies, who was helping to build his home. He said Deshaies pressed charges against him after the incident.

“I sold him that blue truck. “He didn’t do it,” said the source – who didn’t want to be identified for fear of violent reprisals. He’s a great guy.”

Lizarraga denied Richardson’s claims that her boyfriend had fallen behind in rent.

He was very close to Francesca.” “John is a very cool guy,” Lizarraga told the paper. “He would never do something like that.

“And he also told John, ‘you need to leave the country.’” Another possibility is that it was the Matus’s boyfriend, the rugged former marine from Georgia, who was the target because of a complaint he’d filed with the American embassy. “He (Richardson) told Deshaies at Scotty’s, ‘I’m almost 80 and I’m going to live my life … I have nothing to lose,’” said the source, who witnessed the incident.

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“That’s why people in Corozal aren’t saying anything, they’re terrified,” the source said. “They know who is behind all this – and they’re very afraid of him.”

He has denied any involvement in the murders. Cops have made no arrests but are holding Barrie native John Deshaies, 54, as a person of interest.
“I told John not to get involved with Don Richardson,” the source said. “That guy is bad news.”

Francesca Matus

People buy properties that don’t exist and land swindles are common. But the developer – and local media reports – said real estate development in Belize is a virtual shooting gallery.

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They were found bound and strangled to death last Monday in a sugarcane field.

Canadian slain in Belize ‘very good friend,’ detained Ontario man says

  Police have not laid any charges related to the deaths.

Unscrupulous Belize real estate speculation may be behind the double murder of Francesca Matus and her American boyfriend, the Toronto Sun has learned.
Deshaies lived with his girlfriend and their two children in the lower half of Matus’s sprawling seaside villa. He has now lawyered up.

Belize cops have wrong guy: friend

A longtime real estate developer in Corozal told the Sun that Deshaies – a local contractor – is being set up as a patsy.

Deshaies’ girlfriend, Jasmine Lizarraga, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution the contractor had nothing to do with the murders.

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Richardson is building a home across from Matus’s property – which she reportedly planned to sell – and said the pair argued loudly the day she disappeared.