Teen with death ‘fascination’ accused of helping, filming 16-year-old girl hang herself in Utah

While cops believe the girl was suicidal, they allege Przybycien did nothing to prevent the girl from killing herself.
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Utah County sheriff Sgt. Spencer Cannon said Przybycien confessed to picking the girl up Friday night before helping her gather supplies.

But the evidence collected might not exonerate Przybycien, who was arrested on suspicion of murder for the role he’s accused of playing in the girl’s death.

A group of hunters found the girl Saturday morning, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Police allege a teen’s twisted “fascination with death” led him to help a 16-year-old Utah girl commit suicide.

Cannon told said the duo purchased a rope and can of compressed air prior to attending a nearby campground, where the girl’s body was recovered.

A handwritten note at the scene asked authorities to review the tape if they had inquiries.

Przybycien reportedly approached cops when they arrived at the scene and allegedly informed them of the sickening details surrounding the girl’s death.

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Przybycien allegedly told police he "wanted to see what it was like to see someone die.”


Cellphone video was recovered at the scene and allegedly shows the girl standing on a rock with a rope around her neck.

Przybycien, who cops believe shot the video, allegedly asks the girl if she wants to die before the girl inhales the compressed air and appears to pass out, causing her to fall off the rock.

Tyerell Joe Przybycien
Cops arrested Tyerell Joe Przybycien, 18, shortly after the girl was found hanging from a tree in Payson Canyon, 100 kilometres south of Salt Lake City.

The video ends after Przybycien approaches the girl and checks for her pulse, Cannon added.