Afghan ISIS chief KO’d

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Gen. John Nicholson said. “This successful joint operation is another important step in our relentless campaign to defeat ISIS-K in 2017,” U.S.

A daring commando raid succeeded in killing ISIS’s Afghan chief, officials say.

special forces raid killed the notorious Abdul Hasib and other terror heavyweights, along with 35 jihadis. Sources say the joint Afghan-U.S.

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In addition, the departed monster was behind beheading tribal elders in front of their families and kidnapping women and girls before forcing them to marry his extremists.

“This is the second ISIS-K emir we have killed in nine months, along with dozens of their leaders and hundreds of their fighters.”

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ISIS fighters (YouTube)

ISIS chieftains aren’t known for their longevity. Hasib’s predecessor was obliterated by a U.S. drone strike last year.

It’s suspected they were victims of friendly fire. Two U.S. Army Rangers were also killed in the battle.


More than 100 Afghan civilians were killed. The dead terrorist’s claim to fame was orchestrating a bloody attack on the Kabul National Military Hospital on March 8.