Pair convicted of beating woman to death for popping kid’s ball

"This was an episode in which both defendants were angry and they behaved in an aggressive, bullying and a violent way, although not in a way that anyone expected it to lead to the death of Kelly Machin,” said judge Nicholas Dean. “The circumstances of this case are very unusual.”

23, 2016 – led to Machin’s death close to two weeks later, the Leicester Mercury reported. The beating – which occurred on Aug.

Prosecutor William Harbage said Machin died “alone and in pain, with significant breathing difficulties.”

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According to the BBC, a Leicester, England court convicted the father-daughter duo of Natalie Bollen, 28, and William Jelly, 48, of manslaughter in the September 2016 death of Kelly Machin.

Bollen and Jelly will be sentenced in June.

A British father and daughter were convicted of manslaughter this week for beating a neighbour to death after a child’s ball was popped.

Kelly Machin. (Leicestershire Police Photo)

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During the trial it was revealed Machlin, 34, was annoyed by the excessive noise made by Bollen’s kids, who regularly kicked balls into her garden. After Machlin punctured one of the balls with a knife, her neighbours sought revenge by pushing their way into her home and assaulting her, causing five fractured ribs and other internal injuries.