Couple jailed for giving lethal dose of oxycodone to disabled son through his feeding tube

The boy died a year later after they gave him a deadly dose of oxycodone. The couple claimed they were treating his pain.

(police handout photos) Charles and Jennifer Burks.

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They had pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Broome County Court Judge Kevin Dooley sentenced 46-year-old Charles Burks to 13 years and 40-year-old Jennifer Burks to nine years in prison on Thursday.

Cornwell says Charles Burks had a methadone prescription, but the oxycodone was purchased illegally.

— A New York couple has been sentenced to prison for giving their emaciated and disabled 5-year-old son a lethal overdose of the opioid painkiller oxycodone through his feeding tube. BINGHAMTON, N.Y.

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Defence attorneys declined to comment after sentencing.

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District Attorney Steve Cornwell says the couple’s child was severely handicapped after they gave him methadone in 2015 in their home in Endicott, near the Pennsylvania border.