Animal antics

Pillow the piglet was nearly destined for the frying pan.

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Pillow is particularly close with abandoned greyhound puppy Pretzel, who follows his sister around and frequently sniffs and licks the pint-sized porker.
But the devoted pitbull was actually feeding and protecting her litter of puppies.

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Thanks to her prosthetic paws.


A California woman who runs an animal shelter was desperate to help a stray female pitbull she called Betty Boop. But Karen Woodward – who runs Pinky Paws ResQ – could never help the clever canine because she’d always run away with food.
She took me down the vineyards to an abandoned farm house,” Woodward said. “She cried and started leading me two miles out into the country then as she got closer she slowed down.

Writing on a Facebook page called the Life of Picket, the home’s comings and goings are detailed.

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She was born unable to walk because of a deformed spinal cord. But Jessie Pickard saw something grand in Molly and it gave her paws.

Molly – a six-year-old golden retriever – is enjoying walks again!

And she’s the belle of the ball! But at an Australian animal foster home the tiny porker has found a gaggle of new pals.
Pillow the piglet was nearly destined for the frying pan.

Finally, Betty Boop was captured and rescuers to the puppies she had hidden in an abandoned barn.

“I immediately fell in love with her story and knew she needed a real home, she had already been passed around so many times.” “Since receiving her specialist prosthetics Molly is doing amazingly well,” Pickard told the Daily Mail.


“She trusted me to show me where her 10 puppies were found. This is truly a miracle to me.” 

Her new mom added: “Molly is unstoppable, she is capable of almost anything and doesn’t know she is any different.”