Washington media has sold out to advocacy

Looks a lot like the fake news Trump has described.
Trump has gotten zero credit and coverage by the mainstream, liberal media for donating his $400,000 a year presidential salary back to the government. Paradoxically, ironically, and hypocritically (had to get them all in!), many of the White House journalists who cover Trump have fueled Russia-Trump campaign conspiracy stories, despite there being any conclusive evidence. As well, they have demonstrated hostility, contempt and sarcasm in their coverage of the president. His first quarter 2017 salary of about $80,000 was donated to the National Park Service.


ballroom, heaping self-congratulatory praise upon one another, Trump was in Harrisburg, Pa. While an elite group of journalists, who mostly despise Trump, were in a fancy D.C. at a rally with 7,000 adoring fans of his own.

Reveling in the glory of his Harrisburg visit, Trump ticked off his first 100 days’ accomplishments. Some wins: Confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, bombing Syria after President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons on his people, a tax reform plan, and demanding China join the U.S. to fight North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.

“We are here to celebrate the press, not the presidency,” boasted Mason at what he claimed was a “sold-out” dinner.

“We are not failing news organizations. And we are not the enemy of the American People,” Mason added.


Back in D.C. — at the Washington Hilton — 190 km away from real Americans with real problems, members of the White House Correspondents Association and their guests were in full-on party-and-trash-Trump mode.

“I could not possibly be more thrilled than to be one hundred miles away from Washington’s swamp,” Trump roared.

This is the first presidential administration in 36 years to shun the ‘Nerd Prom’ dinner event, which is customarily held for the president and the reporters who cover the president — or in this case, mock him.

Sure, like keeping campaign promises by repealing and replacing Obamacare, and “building a wall.” Yet, the liberal media refuses to give him credit for what he’s done, particularly showing leadership abroad — where president Barack Obama abdicated to dictators. Is there more work to be done?

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“We cannot ignore the rhetoric that has been employed by the president about who we are and what we do. We are not fake news,” insisted association president Jeff Mason.

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Look who’s having the last laugh (at the press) now! And what better place for Trump to be than in Pennsylvania? After all, it was one of few blue wall states whose heavily Democrat, union-workers voted for him and helped win him the presidency. Hillary Clinton took the votes in rural Pennsylvania for granted, and the liberal media laughed at Trump for campaigning there.

And herein lies the problem: The Washington media has sold out to ideology and advocacy; objective journalism is no longer being served up by these correspondents. 
White House Correspondents’ Dinner goes on without Trump
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Journalist Bob Woodward (L) and Jeff Mason pose on stage during the 2017 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner at Washington Hilton on April 29, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

Trump eschewed this year’s White House Correspondents dinner — the annual ritual notoriously oozing with journalistic hubris (an event the president of the United States has traditionally headlined) — to “meet with much better people.” President Donald J.

Starting with this past presidential election, the media lost its credibility and influence with many voters by being in the tank for Hillary Clinton. Now the same reporters are convinced (still, without evidence) that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to rig the election. The skewed polls (and biased analysis of results) showed Clinton winning by a landslide over Trump. Yet, Trump supporters trust Trump more than they trust the news media, and it drives the liberal news media crazy.

Trump right to snub media gala