Cannibal Cop: ‘People don’t choose the things they’re aroused by’

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Now separated, Valle also begged his estranged wife for another go.

“Everyone has their own things, people don’t choose it.” “People don’t choose the things they’re aroused by,” he said. 

Gilberto Valle’s OK Cupid profile shot.

New York’s infamous Cannibal Cop is taking a bite out of misconceptions about his peculiar fetish.

“Uh, I’m just so incredibly sorry that this all happened. You know, I wish we had our old life back,” he said.
Gilberto Valle told Crime Watch Daily he’ll forever be associated with his twisted fantasies that involved conspiring to capture, kill and cook women.

“I’ll never be able to shake this nickname, ‘the Cannibal Cop.’ That’s going to stay with me forever,” Valle said, adding that HE was the victim.

But when cornered about his gang rape and gobble ‘em fantasies, Valle is left almost speechless.

Until he was exposed for his perverted predilections, Valle said he was a normal guy, living “a normal typical American life.”
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He was convicted in 2013 of plotting cannibalism but the “Girlmeat Hunter” was exonerated two years later when a judge declared his fantasies as just that.

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“Would it matter if I was a plumber or if I was an accountant?” he asked host Chris Hansen.