Calculators included in places where teens stash their drugs

– Alarm clocks: “Some of the digital clocks can be used to hide illicit drugs,” the DEA warns, “specifically small baggies in the battery compartment alongside the batteries.”

“But if you suspect them of drug addiction you may have to be.” As with alarm clocks, drugs can evidently be stashed in calculator battery compartments. – Graphing calculators: “You usually wouldn’t be suspicious of your teen keeping his or her graphing calculator close,” the DEA explains.

– Posters: If Andy Dufresne can hide an escape tunnel behind Raquel Welch in “The Shawshank Redemption,” simple logic dictates that your kid can hide meth behind Pink Floyd.

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The list includes: What follows is a laundry list, in convenient slideshow format, of where wily teens stash their drugs.

For particularly devious teens, the nice thing about cars is they offer “a plethora of places they can hide drugs,” per the DEA. – Car interiors: This one has some basis in fact: A recent Marist survey found a whopping 3 percent of marijuana users hide their stash in their car.

– Candy wrappers: The DEA warns that many drugs look like candy, so of course a drug-addled teen is going to mix some ecstasy tabs in with his Smarties.

The general take-home message of the page – and of the “getsmartaboutdrugs” website in general – is that seemingly innocuous objects and behaviors can be signs of a life-ruining drug habit. Candy wrappers, belt buckles, ski caps, glow sticks and pacifiers are all potential pieces of drug paraphernalia, according to the site. 

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The link takes you to a page entitled “Hiding Places” at, “a DEA resource for parents, educators and caregivers.” On April 20, the Drug Enforcement Administration tweeted out a link with a simple imperative: Find out where kids hide drugs.
“If your young loved one is dealing with drug addiction, they often become secretive,” the DEA warns, “and as parents you may find answers in their rooms or vehicles. For those facing this serious issue, here are a few common places your teen could be hiding drugs.”

Calculators are among the places where teens may stash their illegal drugs.

– Heating vents: If we learned anything from “Breaking Bad,” it’s that wall vents can be used to store all sorts of contraband, including “drug-filled baggies.”

Does your teen spend a lot of time with his graphing calculator? That could be a sign of a drug problem, according to the DEA.
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