Dubai dad tries to kidnap lesbian daughter

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The two women flew to Dubai where homosexuality can be a death sentence.


for the Middle East. (SUPPLIED) A lesbian couple have gone missing after allegedly being tricked into leaving the U.K.

Ismail’s disapproving father told his daughter her mother was deathly ill and needed her.

Teresa told the tabloid that Ismail’s father has been single-minded in splitting the lesbian lovebirds.

They are now safe. According to the Daily Mail, Maria Jimena Rico Montero and her Egyptian girlfriend Shaza Ismail went missing last week.

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But Montero’s mom Teresa received a shocking message from her daughter.
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The two British women were then stranded in a Turkish detention centre as the father’s attempt to kidnap his daughter and keep her in the Middle East failed.

A homophobic father tricked his lesbian daughter and her gal pal into venturing into the dangerous Middle East – where he stole their passports.

“She told me, ‘If I don’t call at midday, it’s because something happened to me’…She never called,” her mother told the Mail.