Serial killer James Dale Ritchie murdered 4 more

The FBI is currently trying to determine whether Ritchie killed elsewhere.

28, Ritchie murdered lovers Kevin Turner and Brie DeHusson in an Anchorage park. – On Aug. 

“And James would just jump in there and help them out.” “Whenever I had an issue with a computer, or my daughters, when they went to school, had an issue with a computer, they’d rely on James,” Hottinger said.

But people who knew him remember someone different that the cold-blooded killer who spilled blood so randomly.

People who knew him when he was young can’t imagine Ritchie being fuelled by bloodlust.

Ritchie, 40, drew the losing hand in a shootout with cops on Nov. 12.

Police say James Dale Ritchie committed five murders in 2016. (SUPPLIED)
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He used the same handgun for that murder as he did for a pair of double-killings.

Investigators pinned the July 29, 2016 murder of Treyveonkindell Thompson, 21, on Ritchie before his final standoff. The young man was the son of a childhood friend.

“He wanted a chemical engineering job … he was super intelligent,” former neighbour Alan Hottinger told KTUU-TV.

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Now, detectives have linked the “super intelligent” Ritchie to four more homicides.

James Dale Ritchie died on the snowy streets of Anchorage, Alaska, with a .357 Colt Python still clutched in his hand.

Ritchie was also a star athlete and was recruited by Division Two schools in a number of sports. His SAT scores were in the 1200s.


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I can’t. We’ve known him for a long, long, long time,” said childhood friend Rochelle Jackson. “I can’t wrap my head around him doing this.

– On July 3, Brianna Foisy and Jason Netter were shot to death on a street corner.