Video: Russian security forces take down man allegedly linked to St. Petersburg metro bombing

Video of a high-risk take down of a man suspected of helping execute this month’s Russian metro bombing has been released.

Azimov’s face has his face pushed up against the van and he’s told to state his name.

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A trio of agents then leap from the van and detain Azimov following a brief struggle.

Petersburg. Russian security forces detained Akram Azimov on Wednesday and accused his younger brother organized an April 3 subway suicide bombing in St.

There has been no claim of responsibility for the attack, but the suicide bomber is alleged to have had ties to Islamic extremists.

Azimov is eventually forced into the van before the video ends.

The minute-long, first-person clip begins with agents from Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) speeding up to a bus stop where Azimov is sitting.

Abror Azimov is believed to have helped prepare the suicide bomber, according to the FSB.

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“Akram Azimov abetted the transfer of funds, which were used to prepare the terrorist attack, and helped establish communication channels with emissaries of international terrorist organizations,” the FSB said in its statement, according to Russia’s Engligh news channel RT.
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Petersburg subway bombing. Russian security forces take down a man they say is linked to the St.

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The take down occurred just two days after his brother, Abror Azimov, was arrested and charged with organizing the attack that killed 14 subway passengers.

The agents continue searching Azimov and eventually find a grenade in his fanny pack.