Monsters Inc: ISIS-Al Qaeda talk maniac merger

The executioners then behead their prisoners, pushing their bodies into a creek where the water runs red. 

And despite ISIS being crushed in its former strongholds, the group will remain a threat for years to come.

Flunkies for ISIS pooh-bah Bakr al Baghdadi have been meeting with thugs repping al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri.

“They will remain covertly in sleeping cells, spreading their venom all over the world.” “I can’t see ISIS disappearing into thin air,” Allawi said.

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ISIS suicide bomber lures kids with chips

ISIS fighters (YouTube)


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ISIS and terror rival al Qaeda are reportedly locked in secret talks on achieving a mega-murder merger.

“The infidel and his killer never meet in hell,” he snarls, praising the executioners.

Meanwhile, a new ISIS propaganda video shockingly shows a boy of no more than six, helping in a double beheading.

The two terror groups have been battling for money, fighters and hearts and minds ever since. Al Qaeda has slammed the evil tactics used by ISIS.

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“There are discussions and dialogue between messengers representing Baghdadi and representing Zawahiri,” Allawi said. “The discussion has started now”.

The longtime enemies want to form a joint terror force to create mayhem across the globe.

Iraq vice-president Ayad Allawi claims messages are being passed between the two death cult leaders.

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Navy Seals in 2011. Big after founder Osama bin Laden was whacked by U.S. ISIS ditched al Qaeda in 2014 after becoming disillusioned with Zawahiri’s leadership. The Egyptian doctor became al Qaeda’s Mr.

Wearing a black headscarf and army gear, the boy speaks to a camera.