Texas man sentenced to five years in prison for the brutal beating of Australian shepherd puppy

But Holmes sided with the prosecution after it argued booze doesn’t provoke alcoholics to beat their helpless pets.

"What would cause you to become so violent to an animal like that?" Holmes asked, according to the report.

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Close-up of an Australian Shepherd puppy.

Patrick’s Day festivities to find his untrained pup had soiled his floor. The prosecution claimed the ironically-named man flew into a drunken rage after arriving home from St.

A veterinarian testified the dog, named Luke, suffered multiple fractures, including a broken leg, busted teeth and a collapsed lung, according to the Dallas Morning News.

A Texas man who stomped his puppy to death claimed he didn’t recall mauling the helpless dog due to the haze of a drunken stupor.

But that didn’t keep a judge from sentencing Thyren Justus, 36, to five years in prison last week for the merciless beating of his months-old Australian shepherd.

In pleading for mercy, Justus’ defence attorney argued for leniency because his client was a recovering alcoholic.

Officers who arrived on scene were met by Justus, who was crying, before finding the brown and white Australian shepherd crumpled next to a toilet.
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Cops were called to Justus’ apartment last March when a neighbour reported hearing a dog crying and the sounds of loud stomping, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Judge Tracy Holmes referred to the crime as “one of the worst cases of animal cruelty” she’d ever seen.