Once considered world’s heaviest woman, Eman Ahmed sheds 532 pounds on road to recovery

At 532 pounds, Eman Ahmed is half the size she used to be.

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Doctors in Mumbai scaled down Ahmed’s stomach size by 75% last month in an effort to help her shed weight.

Ahmed, who was bedridden at 11 years old, suffers from elephantiasis, a parasitic disease.


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The Egyptian woman, who tipped scales at 1,100 pounds earlier this year, is rapidly losing weight following a life-saving procedure at an Indian hospital, where she arrived by cargo plane as the world’s heaviest woman.

Eman Ahmed before her surgery. (Zee News)

Her heart, kidneys, lungs and excess fluid levels are all under control now.” "The resultant weight loss has dramatically improved her health parameters.

The hospital’s goal is to reduce her weight to a level at which she can fit into a CT scan machine.

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"Eman and her journey towards continued improvement in her health status continues," Saifee Hospital said in a release, according to the Times of India.

According to the Daily Mirror, she hasn’t been able to stand for a quarter-century, leading to seizures and strokes that have paralyzed her entire right side.