ISIS cuts ears off jihadi deserters

Dortmund bus attack: ISIS targeting sports stars?

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ISIS fighters (YouTube)

According to the Alsumaria News, terrorists cut one ear off of the 33 fighters who had tried to slip away from Mosul.

As the situation turns increasingly dire for ISIS in Mosul, the group has moved away from executing deserters because of a shortage of fighters.

And the men — who had been imprisoned in the crumbling caliphate’s last redoubt — were told if the tried to escape again, their other ear would be hacked off.
The group — which once controlled a vast empire that included 40% of Iraq — holds just 7% of the country now, joint operations commander Brigadier General Yahya Rasool said.
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Coalition forces control the eastern half of the city and are pushing into the west. Fighting in Mosul has been raging since last October and has turned into a deadly, dirty and bloody affair.

Lt.-Gen. Stephen Townsend — hinted that American combat troops ma Meanwhile, CNN reports that coalition commander — U.S.

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