Dortmund bus attack: ISIS targeting sports stars?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel slammed the attacks as “repugnant.” The letter believed to be ISIS-connected had a message for Merkel, as well.

It warned that star athletes from Germany and “other crusader nations” are on the ISIS “death list.” The fatwa would remain until German jets are out of Syria.

When the bombs exploded, the players ducked for cover, goalie Roman Burki said.

The explosives were hidden in a hedge and blew up as the team bus passed, a short distance from their hotel.

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It is the first missive that intelligence officials are taking most seriously.

According to DPA, citing unnamed sources, a man who was detained is a 25-year-old from Iraq. The other suspect is reportedly a 28-year-old German.
Pro soccer player hurt in blasts near Borussia Dortmund bus

Police looking at terrorism as motive for bombing of Dortmund soccer team bus

At least one Islamist has been arrested in the brazen blasts.

“The bus turned onto the main road, when there was a huge noise — a big explosion,” he told Swiss media.
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Defender Marc Bartra, 26, suffered a broken wrist while a police officer also sustained injuries in the attack investigators say has “terrorist links.”

Three pipe bombs exploded Tuesday near a bus that was ferrying the Bundesliga soccer team to Signal Iduna Park stadium in Germany.

The letter found outside the hotel praised the ISIS-fuelled attack that killed 12 people last year in a Christmas market.

“But seemingly Merkel you do not care about your little, filthy subjects,” the letter said. “Your Tornadoes still fly over the grounds of the caliphate to murder Muslims.”
It added that the attack was done “in the name of Allah, the gracious, the merciful.”

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But there remains some confusion as to who is responsible for the sick attacks.
Policemen secure the area around the “l’Arrivee” hotel, which is the team hotel of German first division Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund in Dortmund, western Germany, close to the site of an attack on Borussia Dortmund’s team bus, on April 12, 2017, one day after the attack (AFP PHOTO)

Anyone who could, threw himself on the floor. We did not know if more would come.” “After the bang, we all crouched down in the bus.


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A left-wing fringe group also claimed responsibility.

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The explosion shattered the vehicle’s windows and further damaged one side.

A shocking letter found at the hotel where the Dortmund bus attack victims were staying warns that sports stars in “crusader nations” are on ISIS’ “death list.”