U.S. Treasury sends man mysterious cheque for two cents


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He’s not sure why he got the cheque and doesn’t plan on asking.

“It’s unique,” he told the Daily Item.

— A Massachusetts man has a ready answer when asked for his two cents’ worth: He presents a cheque he got from the government. LYNN, Mass.

He’s not going to cash the cheque.

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Bruce Rideout, of Lynn, tells The Daily Item he got the 2-cent cheque from the U.S. Treasury Department a couple of days ago and has been carrying it around and showing his friends ever since.

“First, they all laugh,” Rideout told the (Lynn, Mass.) Daily Item. “The second thing is always ‘Do you know how much it cost them to send this cheque?’”

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More than $82. He has already visited a store to have a custom frame made. The cost?

The 79-year-old Air Force veteran and Lynn Water and Sewer Commission retiree had already received his income tax refund and his monthly pension.