United Airlines passenger bloodied, apparently dazed after being forcibly removed from flight to Louisville: ‘Oh my God!’

This is just the latest incident United incident to draw ire from passengers.
The airline later clarified that the girls’ attire — they were wearing leggings — violated the company’s travel pass dress code.

"After our team looked for volunteers, one customer refused to leave the aircraft voluntarily and law enforcement was asked to come to the gate. “Flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville was overbooked,” United said in a statement. We apologise for the overbook situation.”
Officials then dragged the man down the aisle and off the plane as distressed passengers watched in horror.

United also came under fire last month when it denied a pair of teenage girls seats on a flight due to their attire.
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“It looked like he was knocked out, because he went limp and quiet and they dragged him out of the plane like a rag doll."

All hell broke loose aboard an overbooked United Airlines flight when a passenger reportedly refused to give up his seat.

— Tyler Bridges (@Tyler_Bridges) April 9, 2017


Video of the distressing incident surfaced on social media Sunday night that showed security personnel forcibly remove a middle-aged man.

The airline later confirmed in a statement that a passenger aboard Flight 3411 – which was delayed by two hours – refused to leave the aircraft.
@united @FoxNews @CNN not a good way to treat a Doctor trying to get to work because they overbooked pic.twitter.com/sj9oHk94Ik
Amid being lifted from his seat, the screaming passenger appeared to bang his face off an elbow rest, leaving him bloodied and dazed.

But the passenger reportedly refused to budge after reportedly telling airline staff he was a doctor who needed to get home to his patients.

@United overbook #flight3411 and decided to force random passengers off the plane. Here’s how they did it: pic.twitter.com/QfefM8X2cW

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“A couple air port security men forcefully pulled the doctor out of his chair and to the floor of the aisle,” tweeted Jayse Anspach, a fellow passenger.

“In so doing, the doctor’s face was slammed against an arm rest, causing serious bleeding from his mouth.

“No! Look at what you did to him.” My God, what are you doing? “Oh my God!” one passenger screamed. This is wrong.
United later confirmed to WHAS 11 in Louisville that the flight was overbooked and that the airline had asked for volunteers to give up their seats. When nobody volunteered, the airline asked a handful of passengers to forfeit their seats – including the man seen in the video.
Ten minutes later, the man reportedly darted back onto the plane and continued pleading with staff to let him go home.

— Jayse D. Anspach (@JayseDavid) April 10, 2017