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Ontario man charged with trying to join a terror group denies allegations: lawyer

Cops refused to release details on any specific terror threats.

The commemoration is part of ANZAC Day — an annual holiday commemorating the April 25, 1915, landings in Gallipoli — which was the first major military action fought by the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.


Australian Veterans Affairs Minister Dan Tehan warned the 500 Australians and New Zealanders slated to visit the First World War battlefield to be cautious.

U.S. Bill Salvin said the coalition has carried out 460 airstrikes against terrorists since the start of the year, with drone strikes alone killing more than 200 ISIS militants. military spokesman says Afghan and international forces have shrunk ISIS-controlled territory by two-thirds — and killed half their fighters. Navy Capt. A U.S.
ISIS fanatics massacred 33 young men in eastern Syria. Independent sources said jihadis slit the throats of their victims, most of whom were ages 18 to 25. So far, officials aren’t sure whether the victims are Syrian soldiers or rebels battling ISIS and the Assad regime.

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Russian officials arrest 6 for terrorism in wake of deadly St. Petersburg metro bombing that killed 14 people


It also isn’t known what the reason was for the massacre.

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He said the militant group has an estimated 600 to 800 fighters in two eastern provinces.

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ISIS: Trump an ‘ugly idiot’



A judge said Khalil Abu Rayyan’s remorse over his explosive words came “too little, too late.” Rayyan, 23, wasn’t charged with a terrorist act but U.S. District Judge George Caram Steeh said by keeping a beheading video on his cell phone screen, his desire for martyrdom and love of ISIS forced his hand. A Detroit man who blabbed about attacking a church and a hospital on behalf of ISIS has been sentenced to five years in prison.

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Australia and New Zealand fear that Islamic extremists are planning an attack on the commemoration of the Gallipoli campaign in Turkey this month.

Rayyan said he wanted to skin his victims “like sheep.”

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Sorry Justin Trudeau, but radical Islam is a problem

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Humiliation drives radicals to terrorism