Russian Muslim man erroneously ID’d as St. Petersburg subway bomber loses job: Report

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(He didn’t.) Meet Ilyas Nikitin, the man originally accused of bombing the St. Petersburg subway yesterday.

According to RT, he was forced to spend an extra night in Moscow, where he reportedly was arrested later that night for no reason.
Surveillance photo released earlier this week appears to show Ilyas Nikitin, who is not a suspect in Monday’s bombing.

Ilyas Nikitin, inaccurately reported as a primary suspect in Monday’s deadly blast, says he lost his job as a result of his photograph circulating online.

As a result, now I can’t even board an airplane," Nikitin told Islam News, according to the Moscow Times. “Reporters — who just called me a terrorist — have hounded me, my family, and my friends.

Nikitin, a former member of Russia’s military, blames reporters for initiating what has been a week from hell – one full of harassment and unfounded claims against him.
Russian investigators now suspect Akbardzhon Dhzalilov, 22, was behind Monday’s terrorist attack, which claimed 14 lives – including the suicide bomber.
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Nikitin says he was booted from a flight Tuesday in Moscow when fellow passengers recognized him and refused to board the flight.

The Times reports Nikitin served in the Russian armed forces after graduating from the Ryazan Military Academy.

— The Moscow Times (@MoscowTimes) April 4, 2017

He was advised Wednesday that he’d been fired from his job as a trucker at the request of investigators.

Just let me live in peace,” “I’m begging you please to stop chasing after me.

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But things eventually got worse, Nikitin claims.

A bearded Muslim man erroneously ID’d as a suspect in this week’s St. Petersburg subway bombing says his life has been turned upside down.