Watch: Angry driver boots passenger off bus, kicks him in gut

“This is not the way we would expect our drivers to deal with any situation. “We were concerned to see this footage,” a Stagecoach spokesman said, according to the Daily Mail. We will be looking into the full circumstances, and discussing the incident with the driver involved, as a matter of urgency.”


It will also earn you a swift hoof in the gut, to boot.

One young passenger in the Anfield neighbourhood of Liverpool learned that the hard way over the weekend when he annoyed a Stagecoach driver and promptly earned an ejection from the bus, plus a hard kick to the midsection as an additional, uh, deterrent.

The bus then slowly drives off as the stranded passenger tries to stand.

A Stagecoach bus in Liverpool. (Getty Images)

Apparently ticking off some public transit drivers won’t just get you kicked off the bus.

The passenger then bangs on the protective plastic screening around the driver, prompting him to shove the man out of the bus. As an added measure of punishment, the passenger also gets a kick in the midsection that leaves him staggered. In the video, a man presumed to be the angry driver, loudly tells a passenger to “get off” the bus.

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The assault was videotaped and posted online, forcing Stagecoach to investigate the brutal incident.