Shoplifter trapped after store closing called 911: Cops

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The Ravenna (rah-VEHN’-uh) woman has pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanour theft charge. Court records listed no attorney for her.

Surveillance video from inside the store.

Police say officers already were heading to the store when she called 911 because she set off alarms. Brimfield Township police say surveillance video from the incident at a Kohl’s store late last month shows her taking clothing items, then realizing she’s trapped in the store near Kent, roughly 35 miles (56 kilometres) southeast of Cleveland.

But officers say they found stolen items in her purse.

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KENT, Ohio — Ohio police say a suspected shoplifter called 911 for help after she hid in a fitting room at closing time and got locked inside a department store.

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WJW-TV reports 35-year-old Joanne Havens told police she heard the store-closing announcements and simply didn’t leave in time.