Mob trattoria influence leaves sour taste

Mob enforcers put the squeeze on farmers to force them to sell low.

Cops seized the bank accounts and 24 properties of a Neapolitan family, valued at 20 million euros.

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An Italian consumer group is snitching that more than 5,000 restaurants around the country are run by the Mafia.
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Mama mia!


But Coldiretti claims the problem is worse than ever — and putting public safety at risk with the crime groups cutting corners on safety. The mob has long used bars and restaurants as a laundromat to wash dirty money clean.
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“Agriculture has become one of the priority investment areas for the underworld,” Coldiretti explained. “They understand that it is strategic in a time of crisis because it allows them to infiltrate civil society in a widespread way and condition people’s everyday lives.”

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The food chain has proven to be a lucrative moneymaker for gangsters with agricultural crime estimated to bring in a whopping 21.8 billion euros a year.

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Coldiretti said mobsters “have taken advantage of the economic crisis to infiltrate the legal economy in an increasingly vast and widespread manner.”

The warning follows a massive anti-Mafia sweep that linked popular tourist trattorias to mobsters.

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