Dog deformed by Thai butcher thriving in new home

“Unfortunately in Thailand people do eat dog meat, and a person had a machete and he was trying to cut her head off,” Quigley said.

Karen Quigley and Michelle Weirich raised more than $11,000 through a fundraising website to adopt and care for the 2-year-old mixed breed dog, named Teresa. A man unsuccessfully tried to butcher the animal for food.

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She wakes up happy. “She can do everything and that’s what’s so remarkable about Teresa,” Quigley said. “She’s so amazing because she’s really so happy. She loves to run in the yard.”

The animal’s Robbinsville surgeon, Dr. John Lewis, said the animal is doing well besides some cosmetic issues.

Quigley eventually wants to get Teresa certified as a therapy animal so she can comfort disfigured patients at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

— A dog rescued from the dinner table but left with half a face in Thailand has found a new home in New Jersey and is thriving. SEWELL, N.J.

She’s able to eat and drink, can play with toys, so that’s the important thing,” he said. “She can always breathe through her mouth, but the fact she can breathe through her nose just increases her quality of life.

In Thailand, catching, selling and killing dogs for meat is not illegal, but exporting them without an official certificate is. Dog meat is not popular in Thailand but is considered a delicacy in Vietnam.
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She does everything a normal dog would do, Quigley told WPVI-TV in Philadelphia. Teresa is doing well at Quigley’s home in Sewell.

(YouTube photo) Teresa, a dog deformed by a Thai butcher, is seen in this video screengrab.

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The money paid for her travel and surgery to remove teeth and mend her tongue. Teresa was left without a nose and parts of her top jaw.