Sex ambiguity and the Beast

I’m thinking of enrolling my cat Tulip, to represent the category of “spayed.” On one hand, this widens the field of candidates.

I guess bestiality is no match for the shock of LeFou pining for the villainous Gaston.
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Evangelist Franklin Graham, Billy’s kid, has urged followers to boycott the film. A drive-in theatre in Alabama won’t show Beauty and the Beast either.
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Which there isn’t. “It’s incredibly subtle,” Watson tells SiriusXM radio, “and it’s kind of a play on having the audience go, ‘Is it, or is it not?’ I think it’s fun. I love the ambiguity there.”
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The theatre owner says he spiked the movie because it features Disney’s “first homosexual character.” No ambiguity in Alabama.

Consider the faux outrage over the film remake of Beauty and the Beast, which opens in Toronto this week and contains a “gay scene.”
Really? What about the apparent lesbian couple in the trailer for Finding Dory? Or the two male antelopes, Bucky and Pronk, in Zootopia?


’Beauty and the Beast’ aims to enchant a new generation

It won’t show the film without an edit, which Disney refuses to make. Russia considered banning the film outright, then said “nyet” for kids under 16. That was too much for Muslim Malaysia.

Every era has its hot button — and gender is ours.

Not so sure anymore?
Ridiculous as such politically correct crapola is, the far right and religious zealots can be just as gender-goofy.

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Frankly, I always wondered about Donald Duck.

The scene is so vague that the director had to confirm that yes, indeed, manservant LeFou is “confused about his sexuality.”

Beauty and the Beast will have first ‘exclusively gay’ Disney moment

How, for instance, does one greet a homecoming femme queen versus a homecoming drag queen? Does one bow or curtsy? On the other, it could get confusing.

Society is not helping. Last month, the University of Minnesota replaced its homecoming king and queen titles with two homecoming “royals,” who can be of any gender identity.
Never mind that the story’s premise is a pretty young woman — played by Emma Watson — getting it on with a giant, hairy bison/gorilla.

Funny, though, you don’t hear Meryl Streep calling for Oscars’ Best Actress category to be lumped in with Best Actor. Soon, everything from hospital rooms to restrooms to college dorms will be gender-neutral, as effete elites work to render society totally gender-blind.

Sexual identity bemuses and befuddles us. Man, woman, androgyne, femme, bi-gendered, two-spirit, gender fluid, drag queen, non-op, drag king, hijra, Habs fan …? Look in the mirror and what do you see?

This is especially confounding to those of us who once walked among firemen, waitresses, chairmen and stewardesses, before they became firefighters, servers, chairpersons and flight attendants.  


Jordan Peterson’s refusal to refer to his students in trendy gender-neutral terms, such as “they,” “ze” and “zir.” On Tuesday, I wrote of the backlash over University of Toronto psychology Prof.

20, 2017. Actor Josh Gad, left, who plays manservant LeFou, and Luke Evans, who plays villain Gaston, pose during a promotional event for the movie “Beauty and the Beast”, in Paris Feb. (AP Photo/Christophe Ena)

Russia torpedoing Beauty and Beast over ‘gay moment?’

Emma Watson called a feminist ‘hypocrite’ because of a semi-nude photo

Ewan McGregor, who plays the candelabra Lumiere, stirred the pot, gleefully telling Stephen Colbert this week “there’s a lot of gay sex” in the flick, “a LOT of gay sex.”