Man allegedly ran in-home circumcision practice

Since Chubbs was a few years out of high school, red flags were raised. After becoming suspicious, the woman Googled the length of time it takes to study urology.

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The RCMP investigated the woman’s claims and charged Chubbs.

An unidentified mother called police after she was allegedly contacted on Facebook by Josh Chubbs, 23, who inquired about urological procedures such as circumcision and frenulectomy for her son.

A man from the Maritimes has been charged with practicing without a medical license after allegedly approaching a woman about his in-home circumcision business.

The woman said Chubbs claimed to have training in pediatric urology and could perform circumcisions.

"He said, ‘I don’t want you to think I was a creep, I am trained,’" she said, noting Chubbs told her he had performed more than 50 procedures.

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“To say the conversation took a strange turn is a bit of an understatement,” the mother told CBC News.

Chubbs allegedly said he could perform the procedure in his home, which the woman described as a cabin in the woods near Freshwater, N.L.
The CBC reported not only did the accused not finish urology training, but he failed to complete a mortician apprenticeship.

Chubbs is scheduled to appear in court on April 12.
The Conception Bay North, N.L. resident said Chubbs wrote to her last December after she made a post on the social media site about her children.

The woman said Chubbs asked whether her son was having issues with his genitals – such as infections – which might require a medical procedure.
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