Woman in pizza joint sex video says she is facing charges

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(YouTube screengrab/via Twitter)

I guess you can’t please everyone — but at least Craig is happy.” “The footage would never have appeared had someone not leaked it, so if I get into trouble then I fully expect Domino’s to face action, too,” Hirst told the Sun. “Unfortunately for us, it ended up on the Internet.

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Smith, Hirst said, was not being threatened with arrest because he kept his pants on during the quickie session at the pizza joint’s counter, with employees just inches away. Daniella Hirst, who gained notoriety after CCTV footage of her and boyfriend Craig Smith gettin’ it on at the local Domino’s went viral, told the U.K. Sun she could be slapped with a public indecency charge.


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According to the Sun, police received a formal complaint after footage of the drunken public romp at the Scarborough, England Domino’s was posted to Twitter by one of store’s staffers. Hirst didn’t mind the public exposure — the couple is into public sex and vowed to target a Pizza Hut next — but she is unhappy being singled out by the coppers.

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You couldn’t make it up. “Never mind the fact me and Craig had sex up against the counter or that I gave him a b— j– moments before. Craig is apparently in the clear because his clothes stayed on. “(Police) said they had to investigate a public indecency offence because my a— was on show in the video,” Hirst told the Sun.

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The other could get off completely.
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“He was the one who pulled my trousers and knickers down to have sex as we waited for our 12-inch.”

The Suns also published pics of Hirst in lingerie. Hirst, 28, and Smith, 31, have had their 15 minutes of fame after coming forward in the British tabloids, even to the point where the Sun had the loving couple pose for photos.