Teen girl, 14, allegedly trafficked to 1,000 men inside Philadelphia motel: Lawsuit



A two-star motel in Philadelphia is being sued after allegedly facilitating a 14-year-old girl’s sexual slavery over two years.

“Do Not Disturb” signs were often placed on the door.

Lawyers revealed the filing late last week, alleging the Roosevelt Motel once was the “epicentre of human trafficking,” Philly.com reported.
The girl’s lawyers claim a front desk worker was aware of the transactions and pointed johns in the direction of the girl’s condom-filled room.

The lawsuit is seeking $50,000 in damages.

Yagna Patel, the Roosevelt’s manager, was named in the suit, and denies knowledge of any human trafficking inside the venue.

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“I didn’t see anything wrong.” “I was always in the office,” Patel told CBS Philadelphia.

The girl’s lawyer, though, isn’t buying the motel’s story.
“You have a cleaning crew that comes into the room and often times finds boxes or waste cans full of use condoms.” “You have to be blind, deaf and dumb not to know that over 100 men are showing up over a period of a couple days,” Tom Kline, an attorney who filed the lawsuit, told CBS.

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The suit estimates the victim, now 17 years old, allegedly had sexual encounters with 1,000 men – some four-times older – for as little as $50 in 2013 and ’14.

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The victim is in therapy, according to reports.

It was littered with "used condoms and wrappers," the suit alleges, according to Philly.com. According to the report, the alleged victim often was seen roaming the Roosevelt Motel, scantily dressed, while her room was being serviced.