‘I’ll be one hot babe’: Woman has 140-pound tumour removed

Doctors at Lehigh Valley Health Network in Allentown operated on her in November.

Over 15 years she kept getting bigger despite dieting. But with her health deteriorating, her son persuaded her to go to the hospital.

The 71-year-old woman from St. Clair, Penn., spent almost a month in recovery but is home now, working to regain her balance as a lighter woman.


I guess I was so used to carrying that weight that I felt totally different.” “It felt like something was empty,” Clancey said. “My body didn’t feel right.

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“I was so shocked when they told me,” Clancey told WNEP. “The first thing I thought was Sigourney Weaver with the Alien. I thought, what could this be then?” I was so scared.
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— Mary Clancey says she was resigned to being a plump old lady. ALLENTOWN, Pa.

I’ll be one hot babe eventually.” “I gained 10 pounds since I got home from the hospital,” she said. “Hopefully, I’ll get curvy.
She weighs less than 150 pounds.

After five hours in surgery, she lost 180 pounds of tumour and tissue, about half her weight. Going in, she weighed 365 pounds.

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What doctors found astounded them: She wasn’t fat; a cyst in one of her ovaries had grown into a 140-pound tumour.

Mary Clancey talks about her life-changing surgery. (YouTube screen grab)