Malaysian beauty queen loses her crown after ‘offensive’ comments

A Malaysian beauty queen has lost her crown after making “offensive” online comments.

“The lawyers claim that as a consequence of such alleged breaches, the agreement with her company has been terminated and my title as Miss World Malaysia 2016 has been removed,” she said in a statement posted on Instagram.

The beauty added: “More importantly, the allegations made against me are wholly false and unacceptable. I am very upset and disappointed with these allegations as I have conducted myself with utmost professionalism as Miss Malaysia World 2016 to-date.”

Media reports say Tatiana Kumar Nandha – named Miss World Malaysia last year – lost the title after breaching the pageant’s code of conduct.

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Tatiana Kumar Nandha was stripped of her crown. (HANDOUT)

Runner up Shweta Sekhon, 19, takes over as the 2016 title holder.
“The termination of the agreement and the removal of my title are wrongful and wholly unjustified, as I have certainly not breached the agreement or any so-called code of conduct.”

At the nub of the dispute are the brunette beauty slamming the Miss World Malaysia organization. It was unclear what she actually said.

Not so says the 18-year-old Nandha.
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