Senior gets black eyes, bruises from alleged bread isle beat down

According to the Daily Mail, McClung told cops the woman, Alexis Venderburg, cursed at her and told her to move her cart.

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An elderly woman was left with black eyes and bruises after a beat down in the bread aisle of an Atlanta Walmart Sunday.

Despite screaming, the grandmother said no one came to her aid. Once McClung screamed for help, her alleged attacker left the store.

McClung said she scooted away from Venderburg when she told the woman, “No, you move out of the way.”

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woman this past Sunday. Sandra McClung, 75, shows off the injuries she sustained after an alleged attack at an Atlanta, Ga. (Screengrab)

Venderburg pursued McClung and allegedly started punching her in the face.

"She looked at me and she said, ‘I want to get some bread, white b—-. I said, ‘Well excuse me.’" "I thought she was going to go around," McClung told WXIA.

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According to police, 75-year-old Sandra McClung was shopping for groceries in a motorized cart when she almost collided with a woman in the bread aisle.

A police report noted Venderburg punched the senior repeatedly in the face, producing bruises and a bloody nose.


If arrested, the woman could face assault and battery charges.  Police have not been able to track down Venderburg.

“There wasn’t anybody in the aisle, and the next thing you know she was jumping on me," McClung said.
Police said Venderburg dropped her cell phone during the reported scuffle. They used the phone to identify the suspect.