Well-planned airborne proposal too much for man to stomach

I remember feeling really horrible and wanting to hurry up to find the sign. We found my cousin’s property and I told her, ‘Do you see anything in the backyard?’ “I held it as long as I could. I just wanted to get it over with. “I didn’t even ask her — I just showed her the ring and took a deep breath,” Hamilton told the New York Post.

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“I just know she was really happy,” he said.

Lopez apparently agreed to marry Hamilton but he never heard her say “yes” over his retching.

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vomited. As nausea settled over Hamilton — and the pilot tried to find his message on the ground — the waiting became too much. So he tapped her on the shoulder, handed her a box with the engagement ring and then bent over and …

When the deed was done, the couple gave each other a mini-high-five before heading directly back to the airport so Hamilton could get back on terra firma.


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hired a small plane for the big day and planned to have it flown over a hand-carved sign on the ground while popping the question to his girlfriend, 35-year-old Rheanna Lopez. TV station, decided to record the momentous occasion. And Hamilton, a video editor with a Fresno, Calif. Planning the perfect proposal, 26-year-old Darrell Hamilton Jr.

“She kept looking but I couldn’t wait any longer,”

as he attempts to propose to his girlfriend, Rheanna Lopez, over Reedley, Calif. (YouTube screen grab) Waves of nausea crash over Darrell Hamilton Jr.

A mile-high marriage proposal was a stomach-churning affair for one California man.
One thing he hadn’t factored into the equation was air sickness. His air sickness.