Marines United revenge porn victims break silence

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Stone said some call her a whore or make suggestive comments.


“I believe this is a start to a better and safer Marine Corps,” she said.

The bombshell allegations have triggered outrage and soul-searching in the famous U.S. fighting force.

Former Marine Elle Audra claims she too has been a victim of the sexually suggestive posts. She left the Corps in 2010 as a corporal and now works as a model.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is continuing to investigate Marines who have shared photos of nude women, nude service members and nude veterans on the Facebook page.

Two women who were victims of the Marines United revenge porn Facebook group have broken their silence.

I grew up a Marine brat and this isn’t the Marine Corps image my dad fought to represent,” she told the Marine Corps Times. “Some days, I don’t want to leave my house.
And because of a nearby Marine base, she says she’s nervous just leaving the house.
Soon after she received a text from a pal showing screenshots of her naked. Kelsie Stone said she ditched her Marine beau in 2016.

Kelsie Stone broke up with her Marine boyfriend in 2016, and not long after received a text from a friend containing screenshots of the photos of her naked, which had been posted to the page. (FACEBOOK)

Another messenger was more sinister telling her he knew where and when she deployed.

I would’ve f—– you too?” She told the Times she gets comments like: “Where were you when I was in?

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