Andrea Heming poisoned hubby’s Lucky Charms to kill erections

Poachers poison, decapitate rare lion for black magic rituals

“I wouldn’t use that much to kill him, but just enough to make him not have an erection,” she reportedly told cops when she was busted.

Andrea Heming (Last Vegas Metropolitan Police)

Prosecutors wanted Heming to serve 15 years in jail.

“There’s just nice people in this world and there are not nice people,” the unnamed man told KTVI, adding he was “very surprised” she went on the run.

A Las Vegas woman who wanted to avoid sex used cockroach poison in her hubby’s Lucky Charms to kill his libido — and maybe him.

In addition, Heming added the boric acid to his energy drinks and whipped cream, the court was told.


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ISIS plot to poison ice cream: Police


Andrea Heming, 49, pleaded guilty to lacing the sugary cereal with poison to flatline his erections.

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