97-year-old twins died of hypothermia just outside house

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On Sunday, family members and neighbours, returning from morning church services, gathered around the house in the cold and mourned, the Providence Journal reported.

They died tragically together outside Haley’s home over the weekend, most likely of hypothermia, according to police in Barrington, Rhode Island. Ninety-seven years ago, Jean Haley and Martha Williams entered the world together.

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The sprawling home is somewhat isolated, sitting at the end of the quiet road, where it meets the Hundred Acre Cove. After dinner, she left the twins at Haley’s home on Opechee Drive around 8:30 p.m., and drove off before they were inside.

Neighbours contacted said the same. A man answering the phone at the Barrington home said he was not yet ready to talk about what happened.

"Jack" Haley Jr., who lived at the home on Opechee Drive, died in 1995 leaving behind a wife, Jean, and three children. He was an Army captain in Second World War and was described by the Journal as "instrumental in liberating concentration camps in Belgium." John W. According to the Providence Journal, Haley may have been a widow for more than 20 years.

It wasn’t until the next morning that a neighbour discovered Williams face down in the driveway. Haley was found in the garage. They were quickly pronounced dead. Authorities arrived at the scene and rushed both women to Rhode Island Hospital in nearby Providence.

As the night wore on, temperatures dipped to 16 degrees. Haley was left immobile, with the garage door wide open to the harsh weather outside, and her sister still stranded on the driveway.

On Friday night, the twins went into town for dinner with their younger sister, an unnamed 89-year-old who lives in another home in Barrington.
In a statement from the Barrington Police, Chief John M. LaCross said, "On behalf of the men and women of the Barrington Police Department, our deepest sympathies and condolences are extended to the Haley and Williams’ families during their tragic loss."

Investigators believe that Williams, of East Providence, Rhode Island, may have fallen in the driveway walking to her car, according to a police statement. Haley may have tripped on a rug in the garage as she tried to enter the house and call for assistance, the statement said.


A cause of death has not officially been determined, but authorities said in a statement the "extreme cold temperatures that evening may have been a factor." Police said they don’t believe any foul play was involved.