Man killed by six-ton pornography collection

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There were also clipping from other magazines that had been discarded, likely as he attempted to pare down his collection. The cleaner also said the apartment was piled high with porn magazines, with many stacked on tables and shelves.

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Apparently there is a limit to how much porn you should own.

Well, if your collection of filthy mags weighs enough to kill you, it’s probably too much. But how much is too much raunch?

— of porn magazines he owned fell on top of him, according to the U.K. Mirror. A 50-year-old Japanese man was killed when the six tons — that’s 12,000 pounds!

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The body of the dead man, a former car-maker who was identified only as Joji, was found six months later when the landlord went to his apartment to collect unpaid rent.

A member of the team sent to clean the flat revealed the man died under the magazines. It is unclear if he had a heart attack and fell into the massive stack of mags, which toppled onto him, or if he was crushed by the sheer volume of porn.