Bizarre video of turkeys circling dead cat goes viral

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A viral video making the rounds on the Internet depicts a flock of turkeys circling a dead cat.

Debra Kriensky, a conservation biologist at New York Audubon, told the New York Post circling an animal isn’t unusual for turkeys.


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Krakauer told The Verge that animals on the lower part of the food chain approach the predator, to let them know that the prey is aware that they’re there. He said the inspection allows the prey to check how determined the predator is to attack.

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The 24-second video has racked up more than 78,000 likes and 50,000 retweets.

“The males sometimes circle females when getting ready to breed — it’s part of their behavioral repertoire, but it’s unusual to see so many circling a dead cat for example,” she said.

The act can also alert other animals to danger, he said.

(@TheReal_JDavis) March 2, 2017 — J…
(Screengrab) A viral video depicts a flock of turkeys circling a dead cat.

According to Alan Krakauer, a biologist at the University of California-Davis, the turkeys might be performing a “predator inspection.”

“This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen,” the Twitter user said.

Krakauer said he’s seen turkeys circling a coyote.

The clip, which was posted on Twitter by user @TheRreal_JDavis, shows the poultry surrounding the deceased feline while walking in a circle.
Were they protecting a cat or circling their prey waiting to gobble gobble things up?