‘I have to drown my babies’ Mom told friend before she allegedly tried to kill her 2 children

“We had made considerable representations to Family and Children Services and the Department of Correctional Services about the imminent risk posed to the little boys with their mother’s release from prison,” a statement from the grandparents’ lawyer said, according to the Mirror. “Both departments failed to act and consequently we now have a grieving family.”


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(Getty Images) File photo of the Murray River in southern Australia.

Bendigo Magistrates Court was told the woman took her nine-year-old son into the Murray River and held his head under water. He managed to escape but was attacked by a dog and remains in hospital.

The woman then took her five-year-old son into the water, the court heard, and he was last seen floating face-down. Police have not recovered the boy’s body, however.

The grandparents of the two boys say they tried to warn authorities about the “risk” they faced from their mother when she was released from prison a month ago.

The unidentified Australian woman, who had just been released from prison, has been charged with attempted murder after police allege she tried to drown her two sons in New South Wales on Thursday.

Court was told the woman told a friend Wednesday night she planned on killing her sons.

An ex-con mother told a friend she had "to drown my babies” the night before allegedly trying to do just that.