Woman repeatedly hits chicken truck because she’s ‘a vegan’

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Cops say Armstrong did the deed because “she was a vegan and hit the truck due to it being a chicken truck.”
Police caught up to Armstrong at her home, where she admitted to the vehicular attack. A police report stated Armstrong drove off like a scared chicken because she feared what could happen to her license.

The animal-loving woman was arrested and charged with hit and run, aggressive driving, driving under the influence and obstruction.
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According to the Athens Banner-Herald, the truck driver slammed on the brakes after the sedan hit the side of the truck. Armstrong allegedly hit the side of the truck again, sending her vehicle in a tailspin.

As the truck driver pulled over and called 911, the sedan reportedly drove off, leaving a trail of car parts for cops, NBC 11 reported.

A Georgia woman’s hatred of meat consumption has landed her an orange jumpsuit and a stay behind bars.
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Judith Armstrong.

Armstrong refused to leave her home until police had an arrest warrant.


Madison County cops say on Feb. 21, Judith Armstrong was travelling down Georgia Highway 72 in when she decided to slam into a chicken truck with her red sedan for the hell of it.