Man with no pants orders room service, tips server $5 for ‘having to see this’

During his trial, Hubbard said he didn’t believe he was guilty since the exposure didn’t occur in a public setting.

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Dauphin County Deputy District Attorney Katie Adam disagreed, stating indecent exposure can happen in any place where people are present, Fox 43 reported.

According to PennLive, Hubbard tipped the staff $5 and told her the money was for “having to see this.”

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in December 2015. Jeffrey Hubbard was found guilty this week of indecent exposure stemming from an incident at the Hershey Lodge in Hersey, Pa.

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A $5 tip and flashing his manhood to a room service attendant has landed a Pennsylvania man a $50 fine and one month of probation.
Judge Deborah Curcillo agreed and handed down the guilty verdict.

Jeffrey Hubbard. (Dauphin County Deupty’s Office)

The man was staying at the hotel and decided to order room service. When his food arrived, Hubbard opened the door sans pants, exposing his penis to the onlooking hotel staff.