Brutal British duo sentenced for driving nail into dog’s skull: ‘Something had to be done’

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Michael Heathcock, 59, pleaded guilty to driving a nail through his 16-year-old terrier’s skull before burying its remains with help from a friend.


A photo provided by the RSPCA in England.

Puppy without front legs left to die in trash

A huge outcry led to charges – which ultimately led to this week’s decision. The public, though, thought otherwise.

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The Mirror added that another man listening in was booted from court for yelling: “I hope you brought your toothbrush” at the men.

A British duo have been sentenced to four months behind bars following a shocking case of animal cruelty that garnered international attention.

"This was a barbaric act which was premeditated and caused untold suffering to this defenceless dog,” a chairwoman hearing the case said, according to the Mirror.

Mirror. Richard Finch, 60, admitted to assisting in the act but reiterated he didn’t kill the aging animal, which had started going blind, according to the U.K.
According to inspectors, the men said they figured they were doing the “right thing” when they took matters into their own hands.

Upon hearing Heathcock and Finch would be jailed, a woman sitting in the gallery shouted: “Rot in hell you scumbags,” according to the Evening Gazette.

A Middlesbrough court heard the pair thought the dog was dead before tossing it into a shallow grave.

The mutilated animal – which suffered multiple blows to the head – was discovered by a passerby who reportedly heard noises from a mound in a wooded area.

According to the report, Heathcoack told animal cruelty inspectors that “something had to be done” as the dog had become incontinent.

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